Tuesday, August 09, 2011

This. Looks. Big. (pt. 2)

Sony Pictures released its second Anonymous trailer last week. US & UK release dates are still set for Oct. 28. (Other worldwide release dates are here.) 

[Aug. 17 addendum: The movie's international trailer was also recently released: More dialogue snippets, less short-attention-span smashcutting between visual baubles. (Ahem, not the most flattering commentary about American audiences, no?) Clearly providing more hints about the movie's storyline. Facebook discussion about all the above here.]

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Peter said...

Honestly, the first trailer looked better. Leaving aside the Prince Tudor theories, assessing the evidence that Edward de Vere was the real author of the "Shakespeare" canon is a highly intellectual endeavor. We can examine the issue well through books and articles, but how well can you make the case in a Hollywood film? Mark Anderson makes a good case in his book, but that is a book. The trailer seems fairly high on melodrama. Not sure about the substance though--and that's the interesting part.