Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Shakespeare" in Venice - film under construction, carnivale underway soon!

On Wednesday night (April 13), Club Oberon in Cambridge, Mass. will host a fundraising preview party for the film Nothing is Truer Than Truth, a work-in-progress documentary centering around Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford and his Shakespearean adventures in Italy in 1575-'76. 

Readers of this blog have been introduced to the filmmaker, Boston-based Cheryl Eagan-Donovan, and to her recent successful campaign to underwrite her forthcoming trip to Venice to film on location at many of the sites that de Vere traveled to and immortalized in the "Shakespeare" canon. 

Eagan-Donovan has also recently signed Deborah Cesana, location assistant for recent Hollywood films The Tourist and The Merchant of Venice, to be the production coordinator for her film's Venice-based shoot.

According to Eagan-Donovan, she will be traveling in May to Italy for on-location photography and also this spring and summer will be filming interviews in the U.S. with Oxfordian scholars Roger Stritmatter and Richard Waugaman, authors Stephen Greenblatt (Will in the World) and Steven Pinker (The Stuff of Thought), as well as Tina Packer (founder of Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass.) and Academy Award winning actor F. Murray Abraham.

The theme for Wednesday night at Club Oberon is "Carnevale in Venice," and in addition to screenings of selections from Nothing is Truer Than Truth (and a short talk about "Shakespeare's Grand Tour" by yours truly), there will be music and dancing -- including sets by DJ Jesse Kaminsky and Boston's Hanoverian "rocque" band The Upper Crust (pictured).

The event starts at 8 p.m. Directions and parking/public transit details for Club Oberon are here

Tickets for the evening are available here. (Contributors to the fund drive -- who contributed $150 or more -- will receive complimentary admission: See the film's Kickstarter page for details.) 

Full disclosure: Cheryl Eagan-Donovan has optioned the documentary film rights to "Shakespeare" By Another Name and has my consultation and full participation in making her film. 

Creative Commons image of Venice at night by David Sifry 


John in Berkeley said...

I think this is just bitchin good news. Can't wait to see it myself. Now if we could just get the Shakespeare Guide to Italy... that would be fine. Say, will it be coming out around the same time as Anonymous? (No answer req'd).

Anka said...

Mark, you should post some photos of the masque. ;-)

Unknown said...

Open-minded readeRS should consult Shakespeare in Venice by Graham Holderness (Ashgate, 2010).

Mark said...

Open minded readers should also consult the forthcoming book by Richard Paul Roe (who sadly passed away last year, but not without completing his great life's work): The Shakespeare Guide To Italy: Retracing the Bard's Unknown Travels (Harper Perennial, Nov. 2011). In it, Roe demonstrates in detail an essential contention of "Shakespeare" By Another Name. Namely, the documented ports of call on Edward de Vere's Italian travels uncannily overlap with the Italian locations of the Bard's Italy plays.

A review of Roe's book will be forthcoming on this blog, as the publication date approaches.

Ann, I unfortunately didn't take any photos at the event. If you have some, please post to the Friends of SBAN page on Facebook!

shabnam bhagat said...

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