Monday, November 01, 2010

Podcast Agonistes

If you've ever listened to the "Shakespeare" By Another Name podcasts, your correspondent would greatly appreciate the favor of a review to add to the iTunes page. The "Shakespeare-upon-iPod" series has a few defenders. But it has quite a large assortment of one-star nay-sayers these days, too.

If even 10 per cent of what the critics on the iTunes page say about the podcast were true, I wouldn't want to download it either. Utter rubbish! Completely deceptive! He makes it all up!

Here's Apple's webpage for "Shakespeare-upon-iPod" a.k.a. the SBAN Podcasts. Click on the blue button that says "View in iTunes" to go to the iTunes page where reviews can be posted. (Requires free registration.)

Thank you!


Looking in the Distance said...

Hi Mark:

This is why I think you need to develop an APP for the Oxfordian point of view especially now that 'Shakespeare's Lost Kingdom' has been published.

Michael Hull

Anonymous said...

Take heart those who study carefully and think with open minds are always in the few. Those who take what they were told in grammar school as the first and last word in any matter are an army that can't be argued with or reasoned into.

Unknown said...

I've notice it is no longer avilable 😱 Wanted to share with my friend