Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Bard via iPod, iPhone and iDon't Know What Else

This from a posting today on The English Teacher Blog -- which refers back to the "Shakespeare" By Another Name podcast series:

"Podcasts are perfect for students who have a hard time reading Shakespeare -- HEARING Shakespeare is undoubtedly better for them … maybe for all of us."

Back when Shakespeare-upon-iPod was first posted online, in the spring of 2005, just one other Shakespeare-related podcast graced the Interwebs. My sole competition was a rather fascinating punk rock-fueled exploration of Macbeth that argued that the Scots tragedy was a far, far bloodier and darker play than the critics (elbows bepatched and all) generally appreciate. I was with him on that.

These days, though, the American Shakespeare Center, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Folger Shakespeare Library all post podcasts, too. The competition is definitely going upscale. So, please... Keep on downloading!